Rhetorical Situation Livia

Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments

Author: creators/owners of Popularscience.com who run the website and possibly write the articles - Suzanne LaBarre (online content director; provides own email; promotes credibility)
Audience: readers of Popularscience.com who choose to post comments on articles (whether they be proficient or just plain rude)
Intended Audience's Background: individuals who enjoy reading Popularscience.com articles (so they must be interested in science topics and have a considerable knowledge behind each topic)

What and How:
Style: contains an explicit thesis (easily recognized) - the website is disabling the ability for readers to write comments about articles
Subject Matter: provides evidence of what certain comments do to others' opinions of the article (from a survey taken)
Argument: evidence is organized to in paragraph form to describe first the survey performed and then the results that showed rude comments often left a reader to change their mind; contained the sentence in big, bold, red letters, "Even a fractious minority wields enough power to skew a reader's perception of a story" (emphasis on the reason of why the website owners aren't allowing readers to write comments about the articles)

When and Where:
Publication: September of 2013 in a science magazine; a science magazine usually interests individuals how enjoy learning about the natural sciences - not for kids or younger teens who probably won't understand the topics discussed
Domain: ".com" - websites ending in ".com" aren't funded by the government, therefore, an individual or group of individuals created this website that may question the credibility of the information in the articles

Purpose/Motivation: inform the readers of Popularscience.com that they are shutting off comments
Catalyst: negative comments that could possibly skew other readers' perception of the article
Importance: by shutting off the comments, all readers are now allowed to read the articles and form their own opinions/biases about the topic rather than being swayed one way or the other by another individual; also promotes the interest in science because a person may be afraid to read about science articles because an individual made a rude comment

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