Rhetorical Situation Megan L


  • Suzanne LaBarre she is the online director.
  • They may have read some of her work previously.
  • People who read PopularScience or anyone interested in reading it.
  • They know about science and want to learn more. Both male and female of any age that are interested in science. They may not think the comments were a problem and don't think they need to be taken away. They may have been bothered by the comments and glad they are gone.

What and How?

  • The argument contains a explicit thesis.
  • She presents the facts about the issue and gives evidence about the comments.
  • There is one main heading and a title.
  • They have it set like that to show the reasons they have behind it and how it will change.
  • She rely on the the comments that were said before that caused them to be removed and not able to comment on anymore.
  • Yes, they brought in stuff from other colleges.
  • She mentioned them in the article. to build credibility.
  • She had facts to back up the information.
  • The article had a serious and scholarly tone.
  • How she described the comments really stuck out to me because that is why they were actually taken off the site in the first place.
  • She uses a picture to show that it is science. It seems playful and formal at times too.
  • She used images to maybe understand fully what you are talking about.
  • In-text citation.
  • I do not see foot notes.
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