Rhetorical Situation Nw

The author of, "Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments" is Suzanne LaBarre and was posted on September 24th, 2013.The intended audience is to the readers of Popular Science who may have opinionated comments to the articles that are posted.

The article doesn't really contain an argument that I can find. Basically, they are taking down the ability to comment because of trolls, spambots, and people with complex comments. The article isn't very long but does have some key words underlined and headings that are easy to see. The tone of the article is difficult to understand. I feel as though it is a serious tone, but for some reason I feel some sarcasm with the big words that nobody has ever heard of in their life. Words that stick out to me are epithet, fractious, vexing, and boorish. The intended audience should be of someone with a higher level for understanding words.

The text was published, as stated earlier, in September of 2013. The domain of the website is .com. It's not necessarily a credible site, but it doesn't mean that its not credible either.

The author's purpose of this article is to keep people from posting their comments on an article that has already been constructed in a way that it is truthful.

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