Rhetorical Situation R.F.

Popular Science is shutting off the viewer comments on it's new articles. The article is written by Suzanne LaBarre, the Online Content Director for Popular Science. They published the text on their own site to notify users of their site of the change in their site. The main users of this site probably have at least a High School education, are somewhat internet savvy, and have a general interest in Science.
What & How:
The articles thesis implies that comments tend to alter the readers views of the actual science presented within the article. While anyone, no matter how uninformed, can throw in their opinions or beliefs about the topic. They cited a few sources from a Wisconsin-Madison Professor and a NY Times Op-Ed piece.
The author wanted the readers to understand why the comments had been removed. That there was an actual empirical reason with experimental evidence to back up their choice. If a Scientific sites credibility is put into question because of an inane comment by some random internet troll that harms their brand as well as the science itself.
The Internet

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