Scholarly Statement B E

I have always been a fairly confident writer. English was a class I excelled in all through high school and it always made sense to me. I have liked writing papers on real issues of my choosing. Junior year of high school I wrote a research paper debating whether cloning extinct animals was ethical or not, and to this day it is still my proudest work.

Prompt-answering essays concerning novels, on the other hand, were like punishment to me. Of course, I probably could have enjoyed that writing if it ever concerned novels I actually enjoyed. It always surprised me how in high school we were never given a say in which books we read. The teachers were supposedly 'preparing us for the real world', but in reality they were just boring us with endless busy-work and writing assignments and made going to the doctors office seem like a dream.

I have always been interested in nature. I have always wanted to know why animals behave the way they do and why do some mushrooms grow by this tree but not the other? As I grew, my focus turned towards how humans are affecting nature-and why? Why do we insist on continuing practices that are proven to destroy the natural world? These questions made me delve into the topic of Environmental Studies, the study of human interaction with the environment and how to solve these issues. I am currently pursuing an Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geology.

I believe that this passion for nature has affected my life in many ways. I am more aware of my footprint on this Earth and am always in interested in new ways to be conservative. I feel I am constantly pulled into arguments concerning politics or religion-two subject I vehemently despise discussing due to how sensitive many people are about them. I have found, that by taking classes that deal with the environment or geology, I am continuously discovering new subjects I feel passionately about. I am also meeting people who share the same passions by taking these courses, and have realized that some of the most worthwhile environment-concerning conversations I have had are with these people who know what they are talking about.

The more knowledge I gain, the more questions I seem to have. I wish to know how all of the geologic processes on Earth work and how they affect humans. I wish to know how many species have become extinct because of humans and how many are yet to be discovered. I wish to explore the depths of the oceans and the darkest parts of the rainforests. These questions and wishes are just a few of the many I will conjure as I continue on my current path.

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