Scholarly Statement Belina

I have acquired many different interests including guitar and fishing along with snowmobiling and wildlife in general. Some of these interests are very easy to write about. In my composition class Freshman year of college I wrote a lot of papers many of which were enjoyable. They were enjoyable mainly because i got to choose most of the topics I was going to write about. It was quite possibly the most fun I have ever had writing because the words seemed to flow with ease as I knew what I was talking about for most topics. I wrote a compare and contrast paper on the similarities and differences between Fender and Gibson guitars. This paper was probably the most interesting paper I have ever written, depending on the knowledge a person has on such a topic. I knew a lot about the topic, and conducted some research to learn more, creating a paper that I had a magnificent time writing. It was quite the opposite feeling in my composition class Junior year of high school. We had to write papers on Hamlet, The Scarlet Letter, Oedipus and a lot of other classic novels that did absolutely nothing to peak my interest. I had never been into classic novels and I did not have an interest in diving deeper into them. It was the worst writing class I have ever taken and I hated every minute of it. I suffered through it and came out thinking I would hate writing forever.

Writing about topics I am interested in is a lot easier than writing about odd stories written centuries ago. It would be a lot easier to write about why do zebra mussels spread and how to stop them or how to go wild ricing. Why do constellations change overhead throughout the night/year and what is involved in the stages in the process of the sun becoming a red giant? All of these questions I would be content in exploring and writing about. Another topic that would be interesting to learn more about is Actuarial Science. I am attending BSU for a Math major with an Actuarial Science emphasis with a minor in Business. This field analyzes past events and attempts to predict future events. Actuaries are normally found in insurance companies analyzing risk factors and questioning whether or not to insure a certain company or person based on the analysis. Even though looking at the past is not an ideal way of predicting the future, it is the best way people have because no one can see the future.

I am constantly trying to learn new things in any field of study. The one field of study that is excluded from this statement is English. I have never been a fan of pronouns or analyzing text, and the high school composition class really put the nail in that coffin. Anything else that comes up as a topic of conversation is interesting to me and I will do my best to add input and take away as much information as I can from the conversation. A family friend is teaching me how to harvest wild rice this summer and has been giving me pieces of information that will help me out before we go out to harvest. These conversations always interest me because I have a very limited knowledge on the subject and I would like/need to know more before we head out on our journey.

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