Scholarly Statement Berkelman

My Interests

My interests range from throwing boomerangs, playing tennis, long walks on the beach and in Canal Park, watching Netflix, sleeping, riding my bike, chilling with Adders, looking up exotic animals, playing Frisbee, growing exotic plants (Ludwig the avocado plant and Frederick the Ivy), listening to music, polishing my gold medals that I won from the Olympics, watching football being played by my future husband Colin Kaepernick, reflecting on Forest Gump, playing Frisbee golf, having Nerf wars, and practicing my sarcasm. Whatever I am doing I always try to make it fun and interesting!

Writing and My Life

In my life I have had times when I both liked and hated writing! I enjoyed writing the most last year when I was enrolled in a creative writing class. It was a free class where we could write what we wanted how we wanted. It really gave us freedom to pick our topics and explore them as we pleased. I really despised writing last year when I was in a college composition class. It wasn't that bad until I had to do my final essay paper…and my topic was honey bees. I couldn't pick a topic so I had to write 12 pages on honey bees and it was horrible! It was a topic I wasn't very passionate about so it was really hard for me to write a 12 page research paper on it.


My major is currently undecided, but I'm pretty sure I'm going into criminal justice. I might be a lawyer, but I'm not positive. However, I am pretty positive that I want to do something in the criminal justice field. There are a few controversies involved in this field. The controversy over the death penalty is a large one and has been debated for a long time. Some people think it should still be accepted and enforced, while others think it is an inhumane and cruel thing to do. Also, there is a controversy over the American prison systems and the conditions that people are held in. People argue that the prisons are falling apart, need to be changed and updated, and it's unconstitutional to hold people in some of the (horrible) conditions that they're held in. Other topics I am interested in are governmental issues, issues involving education, and environmental issues and debates. I am mainly interested in topics that involve helping people and exploring certain options that could change and better our society.

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