Scholarly Statement El

what are you interested in?
when have you liked writing?
when have you despised writing?
what are some questions you would like to explore?
what is your major and what are some topics of controversy or discussion related to that major?
what topics of conversation are interesting to you? What do you feel passionately about?
what is something you know a little bit about, but would like to know more?

My interests include watching movies, listening to music, reading, and eating. I enjoy contributing to sites such as wikipedia, imdb, and imfdb. I also like to jog and watch youtube on a daily basis. I also enjoy downhill skiing in the winter, it is and always will be one of my favorite pastimes. One thing I am extremely interested in, especially for a career, is travelling. I have never traveled out of the continent itself but would love to visit as many places as I possibly could. I would also like to go into space one day (unrealistic but possible).
Like most people I usually only enjoy writing when I actually have in interest in what I'm writing about, I also enjoy writing short stories. I feel that when given an assignment that is actually interesting to me I will not only try my best but even enjoy writing about that certain topic. I have despised writing when I have to write a report or a similar assignment on something that is increasingly boring or to no interest to me. Unfortunately there's just not as much of a drive to do well in those types of assignments.. I'm not really sure what types of questions I would be interested in exploring. I've always had a fascination with outer space, the universe, solar systems, etc. I also enjoy writing about international conflicts, especially when the military is involved. Religion is always a touchy subject so that could be fun to poke at I suppose. My major is international studies and I suppose the ISIS situation is related to that. Well pretty much any international conflict would be related but at the moment ISIS is the big one. I'm quite interested in foreign conflicts and how they play out. I also have a fascination with clandestine related issues as well as intelligence agencies like the CIA. I'm also interested in the U.S. military and the role they play in the world, as well as organizations like NATO and the UN. I would like to know more about foreign languages, or in other words I want to learn as many languages as I can. Easier said than done obviously and unfortunately for me BSU only offers one language course, which is a language I have no interest in taking the time to learn. I would be much more interested in learning French, German, Arabic, Swedish, Russian, or Japanese. I would also like to learn more about cooking since I only know how to use a microwave.

Seeing yourself as a scholar statement
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