Scholarly Statement Hamnes

It seems the only time I have ever actually enjoyed writing is when it has been completely up to me what I write about. I enjoy writing when there isn't specific guidelines on how or what I need to write about. If it's something that interests me, and i can get into it, I actually find it kind of fun to write. There are several topics for writing that interest me. I enjoy writing about sports, entertainment, movies, things that are edgy and controversial. Topics that people don't normally see or talk about on an everyday basis. If i was to write an essay, I'd enjoy it, as long as I can pick what I write it on, and have some freedom. For example, one paper I enjoyed writing in high school was an essay about how much money professional athletes make. I enjoyed writing it because it was something I was interested in and knew about so it was fun and easy to write.

On the other hand, I have always despised writing essays on specific topics or books, where you don't get to decide what you're writing about. Having restrictions on what I have to write can cause me to be more narrow minded. In high school the teachers always made me write specific things, it completely took away the imagination aspect, and made me hate writing. For instance, for one essay, I was given a sheet with guidelines on how I had to specifically format my paper, and it had to be about a certain topic I no longer remember. I really struggled with it because of the strict rules, it makes it really hard for me to write if I cant even think for myself. When I am able to write with my own free will, I tend to think more out of the box, and be more creative. When I can use my own imagination, it is a lot easier for me to keep on writing longer because I enjoy it.

There are a lot of things I'd really like to explore and learn more about in writing. I've always been interested in the history of all of the wars and how the world became what it is today. I've also always been interested in Greek Mythology and all of the complex stories there are in Ancient Greece and Rome. Lastly, I'd like to make my own plot with my own characters and create my own world through a story. It would be a fun way to get better at writing, while immersing myself into something far away from all of the stress and complications in the real world.

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