Scholarly Statement Huseby

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been curious. I am always interested in learning about anything and everything. Some of my main interests are sports, education, wildlife, and music. These topics make writing a paper quite easy for me. When I get to choose what I am writing about, the words just seem to flow smoothly. Writing these papers has been most enjoyable because I have a lot of knowledge about these subjects and I am passionate about them. Due to a personal tragedy, another topic I have become very passionate about is driving under the influence (of alcohol). I wrote an essay on the topic for a scholarship and that writing has been my proudest work so far. For an English class in high school, I had to write a paper on the story Beowulf. Stories like this do not catch my attention and I have a tough time staying focused enough on the story to even understand what is going on. Having to write about topics like that are times I have despised writing and almost dreaded college in fear that I would have to read stories and write papers like that.

One controversy in my field of study is the four day versus five day school week. When I was in high school, my school had a four day week, and I personally thought it was wonderful. The governor of Minnesota is now requiring every school to return to a five day week but the Maccray school district is pushing to stay with four days a week. In their argument, Maccray officials sight the savings the district has experienced and the public’s positive support for it. The governor has stated that test scores have dropped in schools with the four day weeks but has ignored the fact that scores earned in five day week schools have similar reduction percentages. For example, if scores for five day weeks were at 75%, they would now be 70% and for four day weeks, if they started at 72%, they would now be at 67%.

I am always eager to learn about almost anything. Being the curious person I am, I love having conversations with people about their interests. I am fascinated by people’s passions and I love seeing their eyes light up when they talk about them. I also love talking about what they have planned for their futures. I don’t know much about mechanics or how to put things together, but I love learning and having the feeling of satisfaction one gets from making cool gadgets. To me, the more knowledge I gain, the more I want to keep learning about it.

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