Scholarly Statement Katie

I've always really liked to write papers. I have a hard time speaking in public or face-to-face, so I like to be able to express myself through my writing. The type of papers I like to write are more creative writing, but with some personal experience or truth from my life in them. I really don't like when the teacher says to write about anything. I like to have some guide lines; something to broaden my knowledge.

Some things that I'd really like to explore would be the different ways to teach students. I want to learn different techniques that are used, and the most successful way to go about that technique. I am currently pursing an elementary teacher degree, so anything that could help me would be great. There is this one elementary teacher that is my idol. Someday I want to be half as good of a teacher as she is. She is so patient and kind. I want to be a teacher like her someday. Some controversy topics in education is the no student left behind method. I would love to do some research on that. Another topic that interests me is if standardized tests are really the best way to test our students knowledge. Those are some really interesting topics to me that I'd love to learn much more about.

Something that I'm really passionate about is social media. Social media to me is a good and a bad thing. With so much of it now, it has created many problems. Along with it's problems that it's caused, it has help keep others connected, or even to reconnect others. Some questions being asked that have to do with social media are how much time are people really spending on their social media rather than other active activities. I have found myself looking at Pinterest for long periods of times always saying "one more scroll." Another controversial thing that social media has brought about is cyber bullying. I'd really like to look at ways to help prevent that in schools. This is just one of the things that I am really passionate about.

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