Scholarly Statement LM

I am interested in multiple different problems that the world sees everyday. One of them is the controversy over animals in captivity. I have always loved animals and I had a dog and a cat growing up, which is probably why I have taken such an interest into the cruelty behind animals in captivity. I have also taken a high interest into stories that surround war specifically the Second World War. I just think that some of the stories that have come out over the years are so incredible. I recently saw the movie, American Sniper. It was so incredible to get a feel of what life was like for a man who had killed hundreds of people over in the middle east, to come back to America and readjust to normal everyday life again. At the moment I am reading the book unbroken. This is a story based of off a bombardier out of the Second World War who has crashed his plane into the ocean and picked up many days later by a Japanese boat.

I find that I enjoy writing the most when it is a topic that I get to pick or I am lucky enough to get assigned something that I feel strongly towards. I despised writing the most in my high school days. I have always not been a huge lover of interpreting poems, Shakespeare or even movies, trying to tell the audience about specific camera angles and why the director thought the scene should be portrayed that way. A question that I think be interesting to look further into would be, How much more can technology expand without damaging our privacy? Everyday we are tweeting our location, or uploading our latest pictures of friends, purchases, or places we have visited to instagram. Everyday we are putting our lives out in the public eye.

My major here at BSU is biology. There is always a lot of controversy surrounding science. There has always been the stigma surrounding abortions and whether or not women should be allowed, or given the right to have an abortion if they are physically healthy enough to carry a baby. There has also been the debate surrounding oral contraceptives being available to teens, or older women, for no cost. This is something that can have a positive effect on the number of teen or unplanned pregnancies. Here in the United States, most people would have to pay for an abortion is an unplanned pregnancy occurred. What happens to the females, specifically teenage girls, who have an unplanned pregnancy but cannot afford to get the abortion? They raise their child barely getting by each month because they don’t get enough money to support their kids, let alone themselves. This is something that I would like to go into more detail about. I would like to be able to understand why someone would be anti-abortion, if in the end, abortion is the right path for the mother and father’s future. Life can be all about timing.

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