Scholarly Statement Luke

Writing has always been in my life, as it has been in every kids who have undergone the overwhelming 12+ years of school leading up to college. The best thing about college writing is you have a lot more freedom than before. I felt like college is the first time I could truly let my imagination expand and take control. When I look back at high school writing the guide lines were strict and students couldn’t go out of what they asked of you, or else you would be docked points. I’m not saying that college doesn’t have guide lines, but I feel as if the professors are more scholarly and think more outside of the box with writing. College writing can be very free flowing and expressive but one thing I’ve grown to despise is the amount of papers professors expect from us, one every other day is a bit excessive. Not only is it the amount of papers we type but they also are very vague with instructions. Limited instruction with the freedom they give us is a disaster in the making.

Going through 4 years of college I hope to end up majoring in Business emphasized with marketing and minoring in sports management. Some topics of controversy are usually how in the business department finding a job and competing for a spot is usually quite difficult. But at the same time there are a lot of jobs in that particular department. This also ties into what I know about, but would like to know more. I feel like I could be a good marketer, because of my people skills and ability to talk in front of a large crowd. But I want to learn more about the business portion, and I would also like to widen my vocabulary to help my marketing skills. When it comes to scholarly writing I would like to learn more about the argument part, I’ve always been into arguing.

When it comes to expressing myself through my writing I like to talk about what I’m most interested in that typically being either about athletics or anything outdoors. My topics of conversation that really let me express myself can be anything from sports to politics, anything that I have pervious knowledge about I can discuss or argue. What interests me the most and what I feel the most passionate about is usually something to do with any type of athletics, athletic politics and hunting. Not only do I like expressing myself though sports but I also enjoy writing about life experiences, its something can really get deep into.

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