Scholarly Statement Megan L

At the beginning of high school is when I despised writing. I felt like writing was always such a chore and I would wait until the night before the assignment was due to get it done. I felt there was never a good time because I didn't like it so much. I started to like writing my senior year of high school. I think my teacher had a lot to do with it. She was very helpful and made it very easy and enjoyable for me. Then when I started college it was even more enjoyable because I was starting to become a decent writer. It is always a plus to be good at something you like. It is always nice how the teacher lays things out for you with a writing assignment. For example having a rough draft due before the final. It makes is way easier and less stressful.

My major is Exercise Science and one day I hope to be a Physicians Assistant. One topic of controversy is that the major is so broad you can do so many things with it. Most people that are majoring in Exercise Science are planning on becoming either a Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer.

I am interested in many things such as spending time with my family to being outdoors or reading a good book. A topic that is commonly brought up in my household is politics. It is one thing that I feel I know a little bit about but would like to know more. A topic such as politics will come up in everyday life. Another thing I know about is the English language itself. I know I have been learning about it sense pre-school probably but I still can't tell where to put a comma to save my life. I find most everything that I didn't know before interesting. I love to learn new things. I find my field of study very interesting because it is what I am potentially going to be doing for the rest of my life. Any thing that I can learn about it I will take.

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