Scholarly Statement Nw

Welcome to my scholarly statement. A few things that I am interested in include classical music, photography, creative writing, hunting, fishing, and mudding.

I've most liked writing when I've have a teacher or a professor who lets your writing go where it wants to go. A pet peeve of mine is when there are specific and strict rules as to how a writing piece should be laid out. That goes along with when I have despised writing. For example, a 5 paragraph essay is pointless. You can write an essay that is 5 pages or 5 sentences and it can be just as powerful.

Questions that I would most like to explore would be practical topics. I guess I'm not necessarily interested in certain things, most things intrigue me!

I haven't quite decided a major; so I don't have any topics of controversy or discussion to talk about. A topic that is of interest to me about the future. I love laying out and making plans for future happenings. I feel passionately about marriage and having a family.

Something that I know a little bit about, but would like to know more is how to put my feelings into my writing.

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