Scholarly Statement Paris

I am interesting in reading and writing; I'd much rather write a paper or read a book instead of do a science experiment or math problem. Reading has always been fun to me. I took a class in high school, Creative Writing, and I really enjoyed writing during that class because I was given a simple rubric to go off of and from there I could make the paper whatever I wanted it to be. I liked expressing myself and being able to take the paper in the direction I wanted it to go. I could get my points across easily.
The next year in high school, I took a higher level writing class, which was College Writing. It was an intro on how to write college papers. I already had an understanding of how to write a paper in MLA format; that wasn't the part I despised. The part of the College Writing class that I despised was having to write my paper with such a specific outline. When I write, I tend do get keyboard happy and just ramble on, but still maintain a organized paper. In my College Writing class, the teacher had us layout our paper so specifically that it was hard for me to get a good thought onto the paper without accidentally straying from the outline.
As of right now I do not have a major. A subject I'm very interested in is Criminal Justice. I do not want to be a cop or anything like that, but I would like to understand the law better. I would like to know my rights in better detail, which could come in handy in many situations in my life. I also enjoy topics that have the potential for debate. My dad always said I was good at arguing and I never realized that until he told me. Ever since then I liked doing research and expanding my knowledge on my viewpoint of different topics. This is a very broad topic to be passionate about, but I enjoy more of the debate part of things rather than the content. Although the content is very important. I enjoy debating on any topic that is educational. The main reason I like debating is because it expands my knowledge, not only on events or ideas in the world, but it also helps me understand other's viewpoints and know where they are coming from.
To elaborate on a topic I mentioned earlier, I know a little bit about the law from the Criminal Justices classes I've taken. I would definitely like to know more about how the government works, court processes, and what it takes to become a lawyer.

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