Scholarly Statement RF

I am interested in a great many things. I always had an affinity for computers, ever since I was young. My Dad had an old Macintosh, the first Macintosh (the one in that old super bowl commercial with the pole vaulter or whatever). He didn’t really care about it anymore, so I used to tinker around on that thing for hours, playing what I found out later to be mostly educational games. Things like: Number Crunchers, Oregon Trail, Civilization, Sim City (think he maybe wanted me to be an engineer?) and The Mysterious Caves of Dr… Something or other. I also liked to, when I was pretty sure he wasn’t looking, delve into the deep dark depths of the Macintosh Computer Files (Dun dun Duuuunnnn) and mess about with stuff I didn’t truly understand, in many futile, misguided attempts to “figure it all out”. This generally ended badly, as in crashing/rebooting the computer badly. Eventually though “it” kinda started to click.

This little insight into my youthful curiosity about the inter-workings of computers (and before that VCR's) may help you to understand my current futile, misguided attempts to understand the inter-workings of the most complex (so far) and least understood computer there is, the human brain. Yup, I’m a Psychology major, but wait it gets worse, I’m also trying for a Philosophy minor. So there it is, a B.S. in Psychology from BSU… with a minor in Philosophy. The entendres are intended and speak volumes. That is what I’m currently obligated to be interested in.

Now don’t get offended here. But I’ve found that I only truly like writing when it’s for me, just me. Not because there’s a 20 page paper on a hypothetical Behavioral Analysis due next week, or some reaction to some topic that has been beaten to death year after year. Sorry. Alright, stepping off the soapbox. You asked and that’s my answer. That’s when I really enjoy writing, when I kept an old timey physical journal. Recently tried the whole blogging thing but didn’t really take to it. Blogs are the confused, backward, modern day equivalent of the journal. The look at me but don’t really look at me, anti-journal. They’re no longer about the true you, they’ve become the you that you want to project out into the ether. The person you want everybody out there to think you are. It’s become less about reflection or self discovery and more about self-creation. Creation of an online persona, a brand.

To answer another question, there is almost everything that I know next to nothing about. There’s the old adage that says something like:“For every answer you find two more questions.” That couldn’t be closer to the truth. I know that’s a BS non-answer. What do you expect from someone attempting a minor in philosophy? However we only have so much time on this rock to try and understand the nature of life, the universe and everything (Hitchhikers reference… it’s 42), so one must specialize in Something. Try to get a Masters or ideally a Doctorate in Something. For now, that thing for me is Psychology & Philosophy. One Field relatively new, the other millennia old. They seem to have the most questions and the least answers. I think Socrates referred to it as negative wisdom. The acknowledgment that all we truly know is that we don't really know anything about everything.

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