Scholarly Statement Rp

The types of writing I'm interested in consists of fiction, tweets, and blog posts. Not only do I enjoy writing them, I enjoy reading them as well. The writing I enjoy doing is quite informal and is done for enjoyment. I enjoy making the reader laugh and also wonder what the heck they just read and why. It's really fun to make readers really think about what they just read. These types of writings are often referred to as "crackfic" and are just ridiculous and humorous to read. Even though I enjoy writing and reading very informal items, I also enjoy topics that are seen as controversial or that spread awareness on a certain topic that I am passionate about. The times I do not enjoy writing usually include response and reflection essays. The reason I don’t enjoy them is because the required length of them is usually longer than necessary. It’s okay for things to be short and to the point verses long and dragged out. Not everything needs to be thoroughly explained in great detail and analyzed to great lengths.

I am a biology major. Controversial topics in the biology field usually include things that have to do with changing an organisms DNA with biotechnology, testing with animals in the lab, pharmaceuticals, and basically anything that has to do with research. Such topics, especially ones with animals and also ones that involve humans, can cross moral boundaries of some, but not of others: which cause them to be controversial. As an animal lover it crosses my moral boundaries to experiment and change an animal’s DNA. However, I know a lot of medical advancements have occurred because of such testing.

Social and political issues are what I’m passionate about. Racial, gender, and LGBT issues are what I’m most knowledgeable about and will put in my opinion and try to educate people as well on those topics. Civil rights are my top passions along with scientific advancement. Even though I know a good amount from those topics, I’m always looking to learn more about them.

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