Scholarly Statement Sivanich

At this point in my life I am finding myself more and more consumed with the world of fitness and sport. I have always had a passion for sports and continued my athletic career into my college years but this new passion is something much different. I have discovered a passion not only for athletics but for the fitness and health lifestyle itself. Science plays a huge role in this passion as well, a lot of the information I am yearning to learn has to do with the human body and in turn includes physics, physiology, chemistry and anatomy. With that being said, I LOVE science. However, I am not a huge fan of the dryness that is scientific journals and rather enjoy articles that are more light hearted yet still full of information.

A time in my life when I really did not enjoy writing was in high school when we would do research projects and write papers on our topics. I am all for research, and I really do love reading new articles on fitness and other interests in my spare time but I do not enjoy being told what to write and read about. That also goes along with being in a literature class. I have never been that great at decoding books or writing about them. I do enjoy writing when I am allowed the freedom to bring my own style and my own interests into the mix. Some interests I would enjoy writing about and discovering would be anything regarding the human body and how it works and operates. I am intensely fascinated with the quirky things our bodies do and what works well within them. Another topic that is a passion of mine is sports injuries. Anything from prevention to surgeries and procedures is right up my alley.

Since I have such a passion for sports, fitness and medicine my major is Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology and an emphasis in Medical Fitness. With my major I plan to go onto graduate school for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy so I can continue to have a life revolving around health and fitness and also the ability to explore more about all my unanswered questions in relation to the human body.

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