Scholarly Statement Tyler J

I really don't like to write papers much. I really enjoy writing creative writing papers because of the freedom that I have. I like how nothing in the paper has to be real, how it can be make believe. I absolutely despise writing research papers. Some things that I like to write about and that interest me are things that have to do with life experiences. I'd much rather write twenty fiction papers than one research paper.

I am majoring in Engineering Tech with a emphasis in Project Management. Some discussion topics that I'd like to learn more about is the Sand Piper Pipeline. That is a really heavy and heated topic right now because of all of the questions about is it safe for our environment, or about how it will affect our area. I personally am for the Sand Piper, but I would love to see the different views of people. When I think of Williston, North Dakota I think of all the crime and drugs that go on there. I really don't want that to happen here, or even to become as populated as Williston.

Farming is something that I am truly passionate about. I have worked on my family farm since I was 9 years old. My dad told me to jump in the tractor one day to feed the cattle. My mom wasn't too thrilled when she heard that I drove a tractor at 9 years old. There are many questions that people are asking that regard to farming. One that pops up in my mind is how to farm efficiently. My dad has taught me how he thinks the most efficient way to farm is, but I still wonder if there is a better way. So much technology comes out each year, and each year there are scientist working on new and better things. This is something that I'd really like to know more about and to see all the different ways that people are farming cattle.

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