Scholarly Statements Lindner

I am interested in scrapbooking. My mom and grandma started my cousins, sister and I on this when we were in high school. I would like to scrapbook more than I have been able to since I have had more priorities keeping me busy. I like the art that goes with scrapbooking, the different ways you can make a page look is fun.

I do remember when I was in elementary one of my teachers had us write to a pen-pal. She started us out writing to students that were around our same age, they were in Oklahoma. Being only in elementary school I thought it was really fun getting to know someone from another state. If I was given the chance to find someone else to write to I think I would like to try it again to meet someone even if it I never met the person. I think it would be fun.

I have always despised writing. Writing has not been a favorite of mine. It has given me great struggles in my studies. Having a reading disability and not getting the correct and proper help in my elementary years, was not a good start to me learning to write. I think that if I would have been properly educated in elementary I would be much better off and not have had as much of the struggles I have dealt with in my life with writing.

I am not really certain on what questions I would want to explore. I guess one thing I can think of would be how would a person in my mother’s position, being diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), get the help and accessories they need to be able to function at home. I think they really should come up with a grant of some sort that the people diagnosed with ALS can receive the help they need to be able to live in their home and be able to get the caregivers needed to help the family with the transition that presents. This could be a touchy subject to be asking a question like this but it is something I would like to know more about. My family has learned of some ways of getting the help she needs but there is always a block in the road that I feel punishes us because of insurance, income, assets and things on that order. Nobody asks to be diagnosed with ALS, so they should not be punished by having the family paying out of pocket to help their family make it through the years they count on that are left.

My major is a bachelors degree in Business Administration. I have already earned my AAS degree in Accounting from NTC. I decided that I wanted to further my education towards a bachelors degree and that is what has me here today.

My passion I would have to say goes to animals. I love dogs in particular. When choosing a project in high school or in college, I did research on any thing that pertained to dogs that I could make others aware of, a little more. Examples were cruelty to animals, puppy mills, and things on that order.

I know a little about computers and I started taking some classes to learn more in Mayville, ND. Thought life caught up to me though, I had to move home and go to school at BSU so I could be home and help my mom.

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