Scholarly Statements K Wong

I'm interested in writing short fiction stories because it's something I find very exciting and worth working on. It has always been a passion of mine and even if it's not a career choice, it is a hobby I would keep. It all started in third grade when my teacher announced that there would be a short story contest among all third graders. As a student who came from another country my teacher highly encouraged me to submit a piece of work. Short stories have always been about making my imaginary characters come to life.

The feeling of being able to bring my characters to life is rather a fulfilling feeling. Every scene can be played out in many scenarios. The creator/author is the one to choose how the short story would play out. Writing has always been an up and down roller coaster for me, it can either be exciting or dreadful. The downside of writing for me is when it has been to about someone important or possibly famous for doing something. I don't have much interest in learning about a person's life. An example would be learning the history behind Henry VIII and the Reformation Parliament. What I learned would be how much of a bad person Henry VIII is. He wanted a divorce from his wife and because of the desperate need for a male heir he committed adultery. I don't find excitement in reading about someone who is known for inventing something or created a historical change. Perhaps it easily makes me lose my attention and focus of the topic.

There are many questions I want to explore and find an answer to. But to narrow things down I have a love for science and anything regarding sleeping and dreaming habits. I'm also interested in learning how stress comes to be and how harmful in can be. Theses questions are based on my everyday life. The difficulties of sleepless nights and countless random dreams.I am a biology major some discussion topics related to my major would be about evolution and how it came to be. There is absolutely no right or wrong answer regarding the topic, but after learning how both religious and scientific opinions in the end it's a great discussion. Another topic would be on the matter of extinction. There are probably many reasons on why extinction occurs, but what is the main fault for extinction? There are too many things to narrow the topic down. I feel very passionate about doing the right things by people even if you didn't know them. I wrote a research paper on how bystanders should intervene. I've seen many situations where people have been left behind injured as many people walk by pretending they exist. The psychology behind bystander intervention is something I would like to understand more about. I feel that it would be difficult to forget what is seen so the psychology sparks my attention. Writing will have it's ups and downs but in the end life and new knowledge is brought to every written piece.

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