Second Debate Resolution For Teams 1 And 6

Resolution C (to be debated on March 28)

American companies that sell products made in other countries are responsible for the working conditions of the people manufacturing those products.

Recent factory fires in Pakistan and Bangladesh have killed more than 400 people. Yet, the garment manufacturers had apparently passed inspection — despite bars on windows and locked exits — and been deemed safe.
These factories supply products to — and are in business because of — American companies like Wal-Mart and Sears. So where does the responsibility lie in improving worker safety, and what can be done about it?
The resolution before you is that the companies are responsible.

Team 6 takes the affirmative
Team 1 takes the negative


4 minute Team 6 presentation of argument for the resolution
4 minute Team 1 presentation of argument against

1 minute prep

4 minute rebuttal Team 6
4 minute rebuttal Team 1

3 minute position summary Team 6
3 minute position summary Team 1

To Prepare

  • I expect 100% participation – you must all speak. How you divide the tasks are up to you as a group.
  • Look for the four strongest arguments for your position and then find your support. Back up your case, people.
  • Think about the strongest counter-arguments and prepare your defense.

Resolution adapted from New York Times' Room for Debate

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