Solution Outline- SH

Argument: Fast food advertisement/products is a threat to children's nutrition and a major cause of the obesity in America.

A. Individual Solution
Adults 30 minutes of Exercise each day
Kids 1 hour of Exercise each day
Eating healthier
Gain motivation from role models

B. Community Solution
Fresh, healthy, food available at work, and other public places instead of vending machines.
Adding Salad Bars to Schools, Requiring PHED till graduation of H.S.
Raising price of higher fat foods may increase the sales and consumption of healthier food.
Limiting the allowance of Fast Food Restaurant establishments within certain radius.

C. Government Solution
More funding for physical recreation centers, and bicycle paths
Provide incentives to existing supermarkets and farmers' markets to establish their businesses in low-income areas or to sell healthier foods.
Make a deal, to have healthier food cheaper and more available.

Counter Argument
Each person has the ability to say no to unhealthy food
Fast Food Restaurants are not at all the blame, because they are just trying to make a profit.
Government should be working more on feeding people that are starving in our country than trying to help the ones that are obese.

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