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"The Grey Wolf population in the Great Lakes region is in danger, which has caused a federal court to reinstate them on the Endangered Species Act or known as the ESA" (CBS News). Throughout the past couple years the gray wolf population has gone up and down, which isn't a good thing. What is causing this you might ask? The DNR has been in charge of when there should be a wolf hunt. They feel there should be a hunt to keep the wolf population under control and have humans and their livestock feel safe. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been shaping peoples opinions on wolves for over 10 years. For the longest time wolves have had a bad reputation of being very violent animals that will kill other animals or even human. As a child I'm sure everyone had the fairy-tales of Little Red Riding Hood read to him or her, which portrays a big bad wolf. Another contributing factor that shaped our attitudes towards wolves was simply how one was brought up or even the shows we watch on the television. These are all factors in what contribute to the grey wolves bad reputation. The grey wolf has an undeserved reputation as a predator of livestock and a danger to humans. The best solution to this problem is to start a wide public relations campaign in the northern states to change people's negative opinions on wolves for the better.

A major cause to this problem is that humans and their livestock feel that they are in danger. This caused the DNR to create a wolf hunt to keep the population in tact and have humans and their livestock feel safe. Originally you could kill a grey wolf to protect a human life or your livestock. The circumstances have now changed due to the grey wolf being reinstated to the ESA. According to the DNR, "Wolves in Minnesota can only be killed in defense of human life. Only agents of the government are authorized to take the lives of wolves if pets or livestock are threatened, attacked or killed" (Wolf Management). Once the wolf hunt was created to keep humans and their livestock safe they felt that there should be something else done as well. It wasn't just going to be enough to kill a wolf if you or your livestock felt in danger why not have annual regulated hunts to keep the numbers in check. With a wolf hunt they gave out specific amounts of licenses to keep the numbers in check but for there to be just enough left to still have a steady population. There are always the people that feel the need to hunt and trap illegally and that is what caused the wolves to go back on the ESA. The DNR counts and tracks the number of wolves each winter and that is how they get the number of how many licenses should be distributed for that hunting season. What is gong on now is the Humane Society of the United States filed a law suite against the DNR to have a federal court decide to throw out the Obama administrations decision to remove the grey wolf from the ESA. According to "the Fish and Wildlife Service held two separate comment polls for the public during these polls more than 1.2 million people submitted comments opposing the plan" (Marjorie Mulhall). In turn the court threw it out and the decision will ban the hunting and trapping of the gray wolf in three states including Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This decision shows that the DNR has not been managing the wolf population correctly for the past couple years. Now they are left to devise a new plan to take action with. This all comes back to the DNR enforcing these hunts and having people believe that they are bad animals. If not having them believe they were almost encouraging people who thought negatively of wolves to kill them.

Multiple shows today on the television show werewolves or wolves, which are closely linked animals. These shows include The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf. Both of these shows show the werewolf ripping out a human's throat and killing them or someone getting bitten by a wolf and turning into one. This animal is always showed at the mean, bad, and ugly creature on these shows. When the everyday person watches those show they learn to fear them. People learn to believe that it could actually happen to them as they see it on the show. Its not only in television shows but in movies as well. I am sure most everyone has seen the Twilight Series and they know whether or not they are on "Team Jacob" (the werewolf) or "Team Edward (the vampire)." Twilight is the same as the television shows and doesn't hold anything back to show wolves badly. The reasoning the producers of these shows and movies get these ideas is because the bad reputation wolves have is just a know thing. Most likely it is how they see wolves in their own eyes because it is all they know. It all comes bad to the problem of wolves having a bad reputation.

Most cases of wolf attacks recorded are very brutal. Men and women are going out for walks/jogs and not returning because wolves attacked them. The only reason they think it was wolves was because of the tracks in the snow. In one case they stated, "a jogger had lost about 25% to 30% of his body mass in the attack, with the top midsection to the thigh having been partially consumed" (Jonathan DuHamel). Just recently recorded was a wolf attack in northern Minnesota involving a 16-year-old boy. "The wolf latched onto my head and wouldn't let go" said Noah Graham, the victim (Fox News). "The 75-pound male wolf was captured and killed. It had a jaw deformity that prevented its upper and lower teeth from lining up and likely had to scavenge because it wouldn't have been able to kill large prey" according to Tom Provost, the regional manager for the DNR's enforcement division (Fox News). Although there are recorded wolf attacks doesn't mean that wolves are out to get humans. Most wolves that have attacked humans are not healthy ones. When wolves get abandoned by their pack they start to go crazy in some ways. They then search for alternative food sources when they can't find any of their original diet.

Another major cause to the problem is that wolves have been feared, hated, and persecuted for hundreds of years in North America. Native Americans on the other hand have incorporated wolves into their traditions, rituals, and legends, portraying them as furious warriors. European Americans on the other hand despised the grey wolf. They felt they were a threat to their livestock just like many people feel today. This really shows how people and families opinions really stay the same after bad experiences. A hunt that the European Americans started in the 1950s nearly wiped out the entire wolf population in the United States (Wolf Wars). In this day and age we were brought up on fairy-tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs, which both show wolves as means scary creatures. Whether the wolf is huffing and puffing to blow the houses down or eating little red and her grandmother too, neither shows wolves in a positive way. People go most of their lives believing that wolves are scary animals that could kill or injure you.

The solution that I am proposing for this problem is to start a wide public relations campaign in the northern states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The purpose of this campaign is to change people's negative opinions of wolves for the better. The wolf population in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan has dramatically declined in the past year causing them to be reinstated on the ESA. This was caused by the negative opinions people have formed about the grey wolf. This campaign will travel to each of the three states and multiple towns providing positive information to the people about wolves. This campaign is aimed towards changing people's opinions of wolves that they have had for years. There will be postings for this campaign in the newspapers to get the word out there for anyone else that feels strongly about this issue. They will them be able to join the campaign and travel to the three states to state the problem at hand and the solution we have formed.

This plan should be implemented so wolves have a fighting chance to stay a population. If it keeps going how it is now wolves will remain on the ESA and possibly become extinct. We need to protect this animal while we still can. It is time to put an end to the countless years of this animal being hatted and killed because of its bad reputation of killing livestock and humans. They reason this animal was killing humans was probably because it got abandoned by it pack and was looking for food. When wolves get abandoned by their packs it makes it harder for them to find sources of food because there is only one wolf compared to six or eight. There are already many people out there that feel strongly about wolves as stated earlier. More than 1.2 million people submitted comments opposing the plan of wolves being delisted from the ESA. This shows that a lot of people will potentially care about this issue. When the campaign is implemented it will change peoples negative opinions on wolves. This will give wolves the reputation that they deserve which is being beautiful and majestic animals that are cherished in some cultures. This plan will truly make this world a better place.

I don't believe that there has been any other solutions in the past that have tried to resolve the issue. One thing that has been done though is to have a wolf hunt to keep the numbers down. I think that was done so that there would be less mishaps happening so people wouldn't have such negative opinions about wolves. This plan didn't work because all it did was put the grey wolf back on the Endangered Species Act again. I think that planned fueled people's hate for wolves because they were the ones that got to kill them. In turn that is why my solution of an organized public relations campaign is the best solutions out there for this issue.

In conclusion the wolf population has had an undeserved population for years now. There has been little to nothing done about it in the past until now. The solution is simple but the best, start a wide public relations campaign in the northern states to change people's negative opinions on wolves for the better. There are people out there that feel strongly about this issue and want something to be done about. Whether someone formed their opinion as a child, over a movie/TV show, or by hearing stories of attacks there is time to change your opinion.

Peer Review Workshop Megan L.

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