Solution Proposal Organizational Outline

I. Engaging Introduction.

II. Problem

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Explain why it deserves our attention

III. Cause

  1. Explain the primary cause of this problem
  2. Counterarguments — what are the other possible causes of this problem and why they aren't as important/necessary to deal with as the cause you have identified

IV. Solution

  1. Description of the proposed solution: how it would address the situation and its cause. How life would look once it was implemented.
  2. Support (evidence and appeals) for the solution: why it should be implemented.
  3. Counterarguments against other solutions: how other solutions fall short. Remember people, concede and refute. Concede and refute.
  4. Return to support and justification for your solution.

V. Engaging conclusion that sums it all up and does not confuse the reader by introducing something new or returning to opposing points of view. END STRONG.

Remember, your strongest points should be at the beginning and end of an argument. Bury the weaker stuff in the middle.

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