Solution Proposal Peer Review Autumn Flicek

Do my counter solutions sound okay?
Your counter sources sounded great and it was a very smooth transition. RT

•Reviewers: ◦Consider outside sources. Do they help support the writer's claims? Do the sources of support take over any portions of the writing and overwhelm the writer's voice?
You did a great job at knowing where to place information from other sources and putting in your own words. I really like th flow of your paper. RT
◦Did the proposal anticipate and respond to all valid arguments (opposing viewpoints)? What additional counterarguments and/or concessions would be helpful?
I would try to find an outside source with some statistics that argue that ditary supplememts are actually good. Although in your case it might be hard. I think overall you did include counter arguments and it was the peoples lack on information about the prodct and false advertising. RT
◦Is the organization of the writing easy to follow?
Yes!!!! It is very easy to follow. A techniqu that your using is building the paper to a solution which I never thought of doing but I do like it RT
◦What questions are raised in your mind after reading this proposal? Is anything missing?
Not that I can think of RT
◦What were the most memorable pieces of text?
I loved your solution that dietary supplements should be treated and processed like other medications. That to me was the best solution you had
◦What is the writing's greatest weakness?
Hmmm try to add more words in a paragraph? (Not neccesary but I had to come up with something) RT
◦What is the essay's greatest strength?
Your approach. You are a very good writer and it makes your solution paper a very easy read and very informative. Seriously you should feel proud of your paper RT

Reviewed by Belinda Corniea
The outside sources you used for your paper are very good and they help support what you are claiming. You did a good job at inserting them in your paper and stating your opinion about your sources. They aren't overwhelming your voice. In your paper you do anticipate and respond to all the valid arguments and opposing viewpoints. Another counterargument that you could possibly add to your paper is what about banning these diet supplements? Would that work or not work? Just an suggestion :) I thought your paper was pretty easy to follow. Maybe but in a good transition when going from your arguing cause to proposing your solution. Other than that I thought your paper was smooth and well organized. After reading your paper, I didn't see anything that was missing or could think of anything that you possibly could be missing. The most memorable piece of text in your paper would have to be teaching students about the harmful effects of the diet supplements in health classes. I think that this is a very good idea and it could make the future generations not want to use these diet supplements. The strength in your paper are the counter solutions and how you tell us how those solutions wont work. The weakness of your paper is the conclusion. I wasn't sure if the last paragraph of your paper is the conclusion or not. If it is maybe make it more obvious. All in all, I think your paper is good!

Extra Notes by Rebecca Tuttle
I would check with Anna if you cited your sources correctly. I think they are wrong and should include more than the last name. An example of this would be (johnson 2012) but there is a possibility that I am wrong as well. Besides the citing , maybe at the end gather all of your propsed soultions into your conclusion to make a stronger end also it will help with the word requirments. Very well written paper!!!

•Does it help you re-vision your proposal?

Yes it was helpful. They gave me a few ideas that I could add to my paper that I may not have showed so strongly before. So I will be able to go back to my paper and add to it with this new ideas which I hadn't thought of on my own.

•If so, how? If not, why not?

They gave me new ideas to use, which was very helpful because I felt like I was running out of things to say but they brought up good points!

•Did you incorporate any of these comments into your revision of your draft?

I will be incorporating these two ideas they gave me into my paper.

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