Solution Proposal Peer Review Livia

Writers: Do you have any questions for your reviewers? If so, post them here:

In my "solution" section, I was considering adding another paragraph about former athletes suing their university or the NCAA for exploiting the athlete's name/image. It's not exactly a solution but it is what's currently being done so would it be a good idea to include that?
Noelle: I don't think it would hurt to add that story there. It would add support to your solution.
The solution needs more work LB


First: Please answer the writer's questions.^^

Then: Consider outside sources. Do they help support the writer's claims? Do the sources of support take over any portions of the writing and overwhelm the writer's voice?

Noelle: I think they sources are good and do a good job of supporting your argument.
All the sources support the evidence and help the claim.LB

Did the proposal anticipate and respond to all valid arguments (opposing viewpoints)? What additional counterarguments and/or concessions would be helpful?

Noelle: I think it did because you brought up the counterargument of the players getting paid and you refuted it.
You respond well to the counterarguments LB

Is the organization of the writing easy to follow?

Noelle: It has a nice flow.
It has good flow LB

What questions are raised in your mind after reading this proposal? Is anything missing?

Noelle: How do you think the coaches would respond to getting paid less? What about the players and the fact that they will continue to make nothing?
None LB

What were the most memorable pieces of text?

Noelle: I would say the cause. Just when you go into detail about the players being exploited.

What is the writing's greatest weakness?

Noelle: You might want to get more sources and clarify what info you're using.
The sources LB

What is the essay's greatest strength?

Noelle: it flows very well and it is clear that you have a good handle on the topic.
Very clear and strong topic LB

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