Statement Livia

Writing has not always been my strong-suit. I've never really felt a passion for it until my sophomore year of high school. I recall this moment in time so clearly because I was working on a research paper that took an entire trimester to produce. My topic of choice dealt with the conspiracy theories of 9/11, which I found to be relatively realistic. My end product was fifteen pages long with high praise from my teacher. Although I despised writing five-paragraph essays, I understood that I would not have done so well on my trimester paper had I not learned the skills of writing from devising five-paragraph essays. These writing skills allowed me to do much more than get a good grade on a paper; they provided me with the coping ability to journal and write about personal experiences. I was able to use these writing skills to express what I had been through, which acted as a coping skill in terms of moving on from my past. Writing went from pointless explanations about silly short stories in English to thought-provoking reflections that allotted me to move on in my life. I realized I found great satisfaction in relaying my personal experiences to paper for others to read. I may not be the most incredible writer, but I found myself enjoying the way I could bring raw emotion to my audience with simple words. I don't write about personal experiences for the hell of it; I share it to provoke emotion and new thought from my audience. Writing has proven to be my safe-haven, so I believe others should be able to feel this gratitude through their own writing.

I am currently pursuing a double major in criminal justice and psychology with a minor in health education. I have always been interested in these two fields partly because I have been through hardships that allow me to think differently of certain subjects. I am able to see the "whole picture" in situations where others may have tunnel vision. I feel a great sense of self-fulfillment when I know I've helped someone, so my choice of career will definitely deal with helping others.

I realize that very few people in their lifetime are able to make a difference in their surroundings. It takes an incredible person to be able to make some sort of difference in their environment. That being said, I believe everyone has a God-given ability to be the person to make that difference. As a freshman in college, I am exposed to all of society's flaws. I see injustices every day that go unnoticed. This drives me to be that incredible person to make even the slightest bit of a difference in my life, which I believe everyone has the capability to recognize.

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