Statement Questions Livia

What are you interested in?
In general, I'm interested in sports, outdoor activities,

When have you liked writing?
I like writing when it's nonfiction, about my own experiences. I may not be the most incredible writer but I like bringing emotion to the reader of my writings. I don't share personal experiences on paper just for the hell of it; I share it to provoke emotion from my readers and give them a different perspective of what they think they may know about my chosen topic. It also brings to surface the importance of the topic.

When have you despised writing?
I have always hated writing five paragraph essays throughout middle school and high school about some pointless analysis of a short story of the downfall/weakness of Achilles or the symbolism in "To Kill a Mockingbird". I hate structured writing and I hate being "forced" to write just for a grade. I understand the meaning behind five paragraph essays, but that doesn't mean I can't HATE IT.

What are some questions you would like to explore?
There's too many questions I'd like to explore, small and large. As weird as it may sound, I do a lot of "shower thinking" (my friends refer to it as "shower time" for me). I think about my life and the decisions I've made. Sometimes, I think about certain social topics that were brought up in the news. I think a lot.

What is your major and what are some topics of controversy or discussion related to that major?
Major: criminal justice and psychology
Topics of Controversy:
Whether psychology should be considered a true science
Militarization of police
Police brutality

What topics on conversation are interesting to you? What do you feel passionately about?
In a general sense, topics that refer to my personal experiences interest me, thus, I feel incredibly passionate about them. In terms of broad topics, I like learning about/forming an opinion about my stances on certain social issues (abortion, religion, politics, etc - all the things you should never speak openly about to others if you want to avoid conflict)

What is something you know a little bit about, but would like to know more?
I've always wanted to understand politics more than what my parents say or I overhear on the news, but I know it's a very complicating subject. Other than that, topics concerning important dates in America's history would interest me as well as pretty much anything I know little about. I'm an open book; I like hearing/learning about things I don't know and (if applicable) forming my own opinions on the subject.

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