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"Is Google Making us Stupid?"

Brain is not adapted to deep reading anymore (evidence) (activating reasoning)

  • A lot of time online.
  • Online research versus reading.
  • Spending leisure time online.

Internet is information medium (evidence) (activating reasoning)

  • Quick and easy.
  • Immediate access.

Internet causing concentration levels to diminish (evidence) (activating reasoning)

  • Brain expects fast information rather than taking time to learn.
  • Writers family and friends have similar concentration problems. (evoking emotion and building credibility)
  • Scott Karp and Bruce Friedman - online media bloggers (illustration)
  • Bruce Friedman can read short tidbits, but nothing long (evoking emotion)
  • University College London study on online research habits - people exhibit a form of "skimming" rather than reading, bouncing from article to article without finishing any. (verification) (activating reasoning)

Different kind of reading now than in the past (evidence) (activating reasoning and evoking emotion)

  • text messaging, Internet.
  • TV now not as big.
  • Efficiently is weakening our capacity for deep reading.
  • "mere decoders of information"
  • Ability to interpret text in mostly unengaged.

Reading is not an instinctive skill for humans. (evidence) (activating reasoning)

  • Have to teach our minds.

Human brain can be changed (evidence) (activating reasoning)

  • ability to reprogram itself quickly.

Internet is becoming other types of informative devices. (illustration) (activating reasoning and evoking emotion)

  • calculator, map, clock, ect.
  • These mediums have been recreated in the internets eye - with the goal to scatter our attention and avoid concentration.

Magazines and other media devices (illustration) (activating reasoning and evoking emotion)

  • have to create short stories and more distracting graphics to get readers to read.

Google (illustration) (activating reasoning)

  • does thousands of experiments a day to figure out how to control information more.
  • "organize" and make info available to all.
  • information is a commodity.

Artificial intelligence (verification) (evoking emotion)

  • human brain is an outdated computer that needs to be updated.

Business (verification) (activating reasoning)

  • follow what we look at to determine what to sell and how to sell it.

Socrates dreaded the invention of writing. (evidence) (evoking emotion)

"pancake people" - spread wide and thin (illustration) (evoking emotion)

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