Support Analysis Lindner

Nicholas Carr wrote about how he thinks his brain is being reprogrammed. The support to this is that he has been spending more time surfing the internet than reading an article on paper or a book. He talks through out this article about his personal experiences — this is illumination. He wants to present the results of how surfing on Google is making it hard for people to want to read an article on paper or look up and read something in a book. He claims in the 1970's and 1980's we have improved reading more than we use to. He says that its different though because of the short hand people use to write words short and quick. Everything is summed up to almost nothing where are brain has adapted to reading and understanding it that way. Nicholas Carr has talked to others and found reading is harder now a days when we have gotten lazy at wanting or needing to read. He supports his article with statement’s from people like psychologists — this is verification.

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