Support Analysis K Wong

"Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains"

Main Claim: Google is ruining everyone's mind. (Deteriorating our brain's function to achieve information.)

  • The human mind tends to drift off after a few reads.

Nicholas Carr's main statement that the net has interfered with the brains capability to receive and interpret long information (ex: three or more paragraphs of reading). He uses himself as an example and his friends who've noticed the limits they have now because the net provides easy access of information world wide.

  • We are currently now much more used to reading, surfing, and doing everything on the online web rather than book in hand.

Nicholas Carr asked a pathologist from University of Michigan, Friedman that he couldn't read books like War and Peace anymore and that many sources of reading are skimmed.

  • Information needed at any time are easily achieved by surfing through the web in less than a minute compared to searching in library archives.

Because of what we depend on now such as the internet the concentration and contemplation having been slowly decrease within time it becomes hard to focus on long pieces of writing.

  • The net has become a universal medium.

The net is now used for everything and anything.

  • The human brain is almost infinitely malleable.

Provides that the old information on the brain, a mental meshwork has now been seen as very "plastic" because of its way internet is related to how the society of media sees things. The internet may be filled with false and true information but one would never know which is which.

I feel that this excerpt is evidence because of the way Nicholas Carr sites and provides proof of his statement being valid. Nicholas Carr also uses personal evidence as him and his friends who both believe that the net has corrupted the human brain's way of attaining(essays,research, book, etc). Nicholas Carr also brings up Plato's work of Phaedrus, that back then Socrates was discontent with the development of writing because of the way we as humans substitute a more convenient way for another. It is also a activating reasoning for his statement because it reasons with why his statement is valid regarding how the net affecting the brains limitation to reading and achieving information.

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