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  • Claims
  1. The Net seems to be chipping his capacity for concentration and contemplation away, not only him but his friends and acquaintances all literary types seem to agree.(263)
  2. Now a days people are simply skimming over articles instead of reading them, and usually only skim over a page of an article and then bounce to another site.(264)
  3. Never has communication systems played so many roles in our lives, or exerted such broad influence over our thoughts as in internet does today.(266)
  • Supports
  1. His mind is starting to take in all information how the Net distributes it, in a swiftly moving stream of particles. The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing. Scott Karp a blogger confessed that he has officially stopped reading books, this being because he reads on the Web and has no use for books or long reading materiel anymore.(263)
  2. Wolf worries that the style of reading promoted by the Net, is a style that puts "efficiency" and "immediacy" above everything else, which could be effecting our capacity for the kind of deep reading that emerged when technology was presented.(264)
  3. Google is trying to systematize everything and are increasingly trying to control how people are finding information and extracting the meaning from it.(266)
  • Support category
  1. Evidence-This is because he uses an outside source rather then himself, he uses a friend.
  2. Verification- He used what Wolf said about "efficiency" and "immediacy"
  3. Verification-Google supported the statement.
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