Support Analysis Megan L

Brian does not read books anymore. Evidence Active Reasoning

  • He uses the internet at work.
  • Goes on when he gets home.
  • Became center of his life.

The internet is causing him to not concentrate. Evidence Active Reading

  • His brain is stunning to mush.
  • Wants information faster.
  • People skimming the page rather than reading it word for word.

Different devices you can read and send things. Evidence Active Reading

  • Text messageing
  • Internet
  • Makes you pay less attention

Google is there for anything you need. Illustration Building Credibility

  • Type anything in and you get and answer out.
  • The information is available worldwide.

Internet. Evidence Active Reading

  • Always going to be there
  • Might turn to something more
  • Once he was the a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now he zips along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski. He feels the internet has turned his brain to mush and he can't think like he used to or read and article like he used too.
  • That people don't read books any more
  • He isn't the only one that is having these thoughts about the internet. Other people have stopped reading books all together because the don't see the need for it when you have the internet.
  • He uses facts from a lot of studies done at schools.
  • Internet replaced the printing press.
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