Support Analysis Nw
  • Claims
    • The web has helped him with searching and surfing but has ultimately given him a writers block.
    • The web is chipping away at his concentration and contemplation abilities.
    • He knows and has talked to others about having the same problem that he has
    • He claims that we are reading more now than what we were reading in the 70's and 80's.
  • Support
    • The more people are using the web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing that they are trying to interpret. (263)
    • Maryanne Wolf says, "We are not only what we read. we are how we read." (264-265)
    • Google is trying to build artificial intelligence on a larger scale. (267)
  • Supporting Categories
    • Evidence- He used personal experiences to help him understand.
    • Verification- He used Newsweek as a reference to back up his discoveries.
    • Evidence- He mentioned his troubles to friends and acquaintances.
    • Verification- Scholars from University College London said that people are using a form of skimming when reading.
  • Purpose
    • Nicholas Carr wants to reiterate the fact that this problem is happening everywhere. The smartest of people are having a hard time picking up a book and thoroughly reading it from cover to cover.
    • Internet reading is becoming a problem because of the fact that we read what we want to read and believe almost everything that is untrue, versus the things that are true and that we should be reading, but we don't.
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