Support Analysis Tyler J

"Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

It is hard for the brain to do deep reading (evidence, active reasoning)

  • we spend a lot of our time online
  • it's more efficient to look up something than to read an article about it

The internet is an information medium

  • everyone has access to the internet
  • easy and quick

It's is harder to concentrate now on reading (evidence, active reasoning and emotion evoke)

  • people are skimming more than actually reading
  • the reader says that his mind starts to wonder more and more

There is a different way of reading now than there used to be (evidence, active reasoning)

  • text messaging
  • internet

Reading isn't instinctive for humans (evidence, active reasoning)

  • humans have to train their mind

Magazines and other media (evidence, illustration, active reasoning)

  • create short articles with pictures to keep the reader engaged in the reading

Google (evidence, illustration, active reasoning)

  • information that is available to everyone

Business (verification, active reasoning)

  • companies look at what their consumers are attracted to on the internet to sell their product
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