Taylor Kramer

My name is Taylor Kramer.


This is my first year at Bemidji State and I am majoring in Chemistry.
I transferred to Bemidji this year, from Central Lakes College in Brainerd, where I got my Business Management degree.
I LOVE animals, especially cats!
When I graduate with my degree in chemistry, I plan to go to Veterinary school to become a veterinary technician.
I am 20 years old and I love to spend time with family and friends!
I am the oldest child, and my youngest sibling isn't even one year old yet!

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Purdue OWL



Class Work:

Notes Kramer
Rhetorical Analysis Alex Taylor
Scholarly Statement-Kramer
Support Analysis-Kramer
Missing Supports RPTKAT
Rhetorical Analysis-Kramer
CRAAP test-group 5
Annotated Bibliography-Kramer
Project Proposal-Kramer
Argument Cause-Kramer
Interview-Quoting others-Kramer
Arguing Cause Peer Review-Kramer
Logical Fallacy AT TK
Proposal Essay Responses-Kramer
Proposal Free Writes-Kramer
Solution Proposal Organizational Map-Kramer
Solution Proposal-Kramer
Solution Proposal Peer Review-Kramer

Research topic: Puppy Mills, The stray and abused animals and overcrowded shelters, buying vs. adopting pets. Looks good, Taylor. — Hamann

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