3rd Debate Resolution For Teams 1 & 4

Resolution A

To be debated on April 25

It is resolved that given the increasing budget deficits and the rising cost of tuition, Bemidji State University should stop financing its athletic teams.

Team 1 takes the affirmative
Team 4 takes the negative


4 minute Team 1 presentation of argument for the resolution
4 minute Team 4 presentation of argument against

1 minute prep

4 minute rebuttal Team 1
4 minute rebuttal Team 4

3 minute position summary Team 1
3 minute position summary Team 4

To Prepare

  • I expect 100% participation – you must all speak. How you divide the tasks are up to you as a group.
  • Look for the four strongest arguments for your position and then find your support. Back up your case, people.
  • Think about the strongest counter-arguments and prepare your defense.

Resolution adapted from NY Times' Room for Debate
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