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Recently the NCAA passed a ruling regarding providing divisionII student athletes with free meals and snacks. It is rumored that Bemidji State has claimed not enough funding under the small university act that they will not be instating this ruling. I would like to argue that the ruling is necessary for the well being of the athletes at BSU and that they should have to comply.

It looks good, but I am worried that it might fizzle out on you. You might want to keep it a bit broader at first — maybe the working conditions and possible exploitation of college athletes — something like that. Look at all the NCAA regulations concerning the protection of student athletes. How many schools don't have to comply with these protections?

I also heard an interesting tidbit on the radio about the drastically dwindling numbers of female college coaches for women's teams. I think it was in response to the Duluth women's hockey coach not having her contract renewed. Just a thought — that issue might be interesting as well. Why are there so many fewer women coaching women's teams? Just a thought. — Hamann

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