Week 1 January 12 16

January 13

January 15

  • A note on argument and rhetoric
  • For Tuesday, Jan. 20
    • Read chapter 1 of So What? The Writer's Argument. Take notes on a new page entitled 'Notes' followed by your name or initials (example: Notes Hamann). Make sure this is linked on your name page in a Class Work section. This Notes page will be part of your process work. If you need information about how to start a new page, check out the First Time User page.

January 16

  • Name Pages are looking good. Grades and feedback can be found on D2L. If yours is not visible, let me know.
  • As you are taking notes on the wiki, you might want to be aware of the keyboard shortcuts you can use. These work with windows os. My understanding is that the same shortcuts work with mac os, but you need to use the 'command' key instead of 'ctrl.'
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