Week 12 April 6 10

April 7

It is time to start thinking about our solution proposals.

  • Start a new page entitled Proposal Free Writes
  • On that page, respond to the following questions:
    • What solution can you propose to the societal problem you've been writing about? How will your solution address the primary cause of the crisis?
    • How is your solution particularly practical, logical, manageable, ethical, humane, or economical?
    • What else has been tried or proposed? Why is your solution the solution your audience should embrace?

"Citizens and Consumers"

  • Did any of you have trouble with the questions?
  • In groups of 3, outline this argument at the bottom of your proposal responses page. What is her structure? The proposal essay responses and outline is due by noon on April 9 for process work points.

Solution Proposal Guidelines


  • Questions about chapter 8?
  • p. 168 — Try This: Create a concept map or other visual representation as a way of developing and organizing your ideas for your solution proposal. Write the thesis you are working with at the top or center or bottom of your map and organize your thoughts. These are due by class time on Tuesday, April 14. Ideas for software to use:

Tomorrow (April 8)

  • I normally have office hours on Wednesdays from 12-2. Tomorrow, I will be in and out of my office all day, attending various student achievement presentations. If you would like to meet with me tomorrow, send me an email no later than 8am to set up an appointment.
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