Week 13 April 13 17

April 14

  • Catch up day. Sorry about the wiki silence at the end of last week! I am sure you were all bummed that you had no new assignment.
  • Visual organization maps are due today.
  • Review Solution Proposal information. Time to work. Make sure to get your questions answered!
  • For Thursday, read chapters 9 and 10 and take notes. Chapter 10 should be mostly a review, since we covered most of this in class already.

April 16

  • Make sure to finish reading chapters 9&10 and take notes. I will begin grading notes on Tuesday, April 21, so have them done by then.
  • Keep working on your Solution Proposal. Working draft due for peer review on April 23.

Assignment for Tuesday

This is due Tuesday, April 21, which is also our last face-to -face meeting.

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