Week 3 January 26 30

January 27

  • The full article: "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" (in case you are curious)
  • Scholarly statements looked good. Feedback and points are up on D2L.
  • Review in class: claims, support, and linkages (pages 35-39)
  • Support Analyses are looking good. A few examples: Noelle, Jake, and Lauren. If you are not done, finish it today.
  • In pairs or groups of three, read the information in the Consider This box on page 68. In your group, go through and look for one or two places where Nicholas Carr did not provide support for a claim. Start a new page as a group titled Missing Support followed by your names or initials. Make sure this page is linked on all of your name pages. On that page, answer the questions about missing support found in the Consider This box.


  • Read chapter 3 and take notes. Have this complete by Thursday at noon.

January 29

  • First formal writing assignment: Rhetorical Analysis Project Plan. Read the information and have a draft ready to go by class time on Tuesday, February 3.
  • If you have any questions or need further clarification, let me know!
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