Week 4 February 2 6

February 3

  • Draft of first formal writing assignment is due today. See the Rhetorical Analysis Project Plan.
  • Review Project guidelines. Some of you look like you are in good shape and ready to go, while others do not seem to have much momentum on this. What questions do you have?
  • Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review Workshop for those ready to go. Work time for those of you that are not.

February 5

For Tuesday

  • read and take notes on Chapter 4 in your textbook
  • Additionally, by Tuesday at noon, propose a topic for research at the bottom of your name page. I will check those out and let you know if they will work or not. Avoid topics that have been argued about for 20 years. The problem you will run into with those is that there is nothing new to say, and your audience's position is already entrenched. Illuminate something new for us.
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