Week 5 February 9 13

February 10

In groups, evaluate the site that correlates with your group's number using the criteria outlined in the CRAAP test. Start a new page to take notes.

  1. Sweet Surprise
  2. How Corn Syrup Might Be Making Us Hungry and Fat
  3. Mayo Clinic
  4. Mother Nature Network
  5. JAMA article

February 12 - 16

General Notes:

  • Some of you are including separate rough and final drafts. You do not need to preserve your rough draft — just go ahead and revise and save. If you want to look back and see your revisions you can just click on 'history' at the bottom of the page. All drafts are saved in the wiki.
  • Some of you have links to work that automatically open in edit. This is a result of doing an external page link with an address that includes the open edit. Link to internal pages like this:
[[[Rhetorical Analysis Hamann]]]
  • Also, your topic for investigation needs to be the topic you submitted and I approved on your name page. If you didn't have that done last week, do it now and send me an email or message.

Some notes on Research

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