Week 6 February 16 20

February 17

Rhetorical Analysis Grades and Feedback are posted in D2L. General Notes:

  • Affect = verb / Effect = noun (okay, there are some odd exceptions to this, but in general this is standard usage)
  • Some of you are including separate rough and final drafts. You do not need to preserve your rough draft — just go ahead and revise and save. If you want to look back and see your revisions you can just click on 'history' at the bottom of the page. All drafts are saved in the wiki.
  • Some of you have links to work that automatically open in edit. This is a result of doing an external page link with an address that includes the open edit. Link to internal pages like this:
[[[Rhetorical Analysis Hamann]]]

Some notes on Research

Annotated Bibliography Project Plan

The Annotated bibliography will take longer than you think, so get started early.

  • Also, your topic for investigation needs to be the topic you submitted and I approved on your name page. If you didn't have that done last week, do it now and send me an email or message.
  • Remember, have at least three entries ready for peer review by Thursday, February 19 at noon for peer review. I will be assigning groups and we will be doing this one remotely.

February 19: Peer Review Workshop.

Three entries with full annotations are due today.

Next Week: Schedule and Assignment

  • We are not meeting face-to-face on Tuesday. Instead, you will be meeting with me in my office (HS 349) for a one-on-one conference. If you haven't yet, sign-up on the Conference Schedule 2015.
  • Before your conference, you will need to complete the first part of the Project Proposal.
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