Week 8 March 2 6

March 6

Nothing new — keep working on your causal analysis and have a great Spring Break!

March 3

  • Housekeeping
    • My office hours have changed — they will now be Tuesday/Wednesday 12-2 pm.
    • You need to have read and taken notes on chapter 5 from So What? for today. In the very near future I will be going through and assigning points for your note-taking for these first 5 chapters. Something to keep in mind.
    • Project Proposal due by class time today.
  • Assignments:
    • Read and take notes on chapter 6 of So What?
    • Start constructing your analysis for your Arguing Cause Project. Give yourself plenty of time to work on this. Seriously. This is a complicated and sophisticated bit of arguing I am expecting you to do.
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