Week 9 March 16 20

shamrock.png March 17

  • If you have not read chapter 6, DO SO NOW. Take notes.
  • Draft of Arguing Cause project due by noon on Thursday, March 19 for peer review. Have your draft AND your peer review page up by noon on Thursday. I may be moving the final due date for this one, depending on how things are looking.

March 22

Your Arguing Cause projects are on the whole looking pretty good. Plan on having a revised and complete draft ready to go for Tuesday. We will keep working on them, so keep that in mind. The final, FINAL due date will be posted after class on Tuesday.

March 19

Draft of Arguing Cause paper is due for peer review by noon today. You must have a draft of at least 800 words and your peer review page up by noon to receive full points for the peer review.

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