What Am I Looking For In An Effective Debate

Glad you asked.

Position presentation

  • Clearly stated and well supported claims directly and persuasively addressing the assigned position.

Negative rebuttals

  • Made specific arguments about the weak points of the opposing team.

Positive rebuttal

  • The team was able to defend itself against attack by extending its own position using additional facts to support position.

Closing Statement

  • Effectively summarized the main points of the debate.

Content and organization

  • Demonstrated knowledge of topic supported by research.
  • Claims and support were well researched, informative, and interesting.
  • Main arguments and responses are outlined in a clear and orderly way.

Overall presentation

  • Team was well prepared
  • Good use of eye contact to engage audience
  • Volume and articulation enabled understanding of message
  • Body language communicated positive interest and intent (attentive and active participation throughout).
  • Good use of time.
  • Debated the topic, not the other team.
  • Worked well as a team.
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